Barcodes as an important tool in the lab

Collect data quickly and accurately while removing the possibility of transcription and selection error by implementing barcodes in your lab!

By implementing a system with barcodes the lab is able to streamline sample documentation.  SciCord deliver the flexible generation of sample barcodes, allowing for the configuration of multiple attributes. The SciCord system also is capable of creating barcodes with varying sizes depending on the item to be labeled with the barcode.

Barcodes are used to avoid transcription and selection errors. Sample barcodes may be scanned to immediately associate the sample with notebook documentation. Also, vendor labels for laboratory chemicals may be scanned to document the chemical inventory.

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Streamline sample documentation
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Flexible generation of sample bar-codes
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Avoid transcription and selection errors
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  • Scan sample bar-codes to associate samples with notebook documentation
  • Scan vendor labels for laboratory chemicals to document chemical inventory