The most basic benefit of a good chemical inventory is improved chemical tracking – quantities and storage locations (Site, Location, Cabinet). But there are ‘hidden’ benefits as well.

For laboratories, it is also important to comply with Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements. SciCord’s chemical inventory aids in this through defining chemical attributes such as Product Code, CAS Number, and Hazards. Chemicals are able to be defined within the system and data regarding all chemical attributes and inventory record are available.

By implementing a great Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) you are on your way to efficiently maintaining your chemical inventory. SciCord ELN supports scanning vendor labels (barcodes) to receive or dispose of chemical inventory. Reports that are generated monthly, or whenever desired, provide management or auditors with necessary information quickly, which allows lab personnel to spend time on other lab activities.

Maintaining a chemical inventory aids in saving money: minimize the amount of chemicals in storage, and minimize waste and disposal costs. With a chemical inventory that provides up to date information, lab managers can manage their inventory in a productive and cost-effective way.


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Comply with EH&S requirements
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Chemical definitions include:

  • Product Code
  • CAS Number
  • Hazards
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Efficiently maintain chemical inventory
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Support scanning vendor labels to receive or dispose of inventory