What makes the DataMart a necessity?

A pain point for many pharmaceutical laboratories is that they have all of this data, but no way to make sense of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to visualize all of that data in a relevant way? As data continues to accumulate, it may be harder to analyze and trend across studies or protocols without the correct tools. The SciCord DataMart is our answer to that problem!

Use Flexible Query

Companies face the complexity of managing large amounts of data generated in the laboratory. How many notebooks are past our review window? How many tests were completed this quarter. Finding business answers amongst all of this data may be difficult without a tool like the SciCord DataMart. With the ability to query against all of your data it is possible to find out these answers.

There is also the fact that a user may query with SQL compatible tools, such as Excel, JMP, Spotfire, and PowerBI, to name a few. These queries produce a way for the user to visualize their SciCord data without having the need for IT expertise.

Gain insight with Business-focused Tables

SciCord DataMart allows users to define the information structure. While data in the ELN can sometimes appear in complex tables, in the DataMart they are transformed into straightforward, customizable tables. These tables may be generated using data across studies or protocols, or any variation of attributes.