Why SciCord’s Sample Inventory?

Have you ever experienced a sample management disaster? Or are you simply interested in preventing sample management errors? What about locating your Samples? SciCord provides a 21CFR Part 11 compliant product – e-signatures, prevents data manipulation, and provides a full audit trail – that reduces the risks surrounding Sample Inventory and below are a few reasons why.

Facilitate and Document Sample Requests

SciCord Sample Inventory is capable of facilitating and documenting sample requests. Sample requests for specific samples are used to document an amount requested, amount dispersed, the purpose, and the person who is responsible for the sample. This process helps with the chain of custody.

Document Parent and Child Relationships

Parent and child sample relationships can also be visualized within SciCord. The Sample Inventory defines relationships between samples and tracks inventory transfers.

Produce Complete Sample History

For compliant pharmaceutical laboratories, there is always the possibility that an audit will reveal some error in a labs sample management. With SciCord’s Sample Inventory, the customer is able to produce a complete sample history for an auditor and during safety inspections. SciCord can track sample requests, disbursements, and returns of samples, as well as reporting current quantities, location, and provenance.


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Facilitate and document sample requests
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Sample requests on line document amount requested, amount dispersed, purpose, and who is responsible for the sample
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Document Sample parent child relationships
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Define relationships between samples and track inventory transfers
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Produce a complete sample history at audits and safety inspections
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Track requests, dispursements, and returns.
Report current quantities, location, and provenance