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Should validated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets be re-validated after the implementation of a new Office version?

Validated spreadsheets generally require revalidation when the host application is versioned. SciCord Lite is isolated from Microsoft Excel and avoids revalidation when a new version is implemented in your company.

Can you validate our spreadsheets for us?

Absolutely. SciCord can provide turnkey validation packages for your spreadsheets.

How much does SciCord Lite cost?

Pricing information is located on the SciCord Lite Pricing Page.

Are there restrictions on the number of users?

There are no restrictions on the number of users. Information about number of users and cost is located on the SciCord Lite Pricing Page.

Our organization does not have any validation standards for Excel spreadsheets. Can you help us?

Yes. SciCord can provide complete spreadsheet validation packages or help develop policies and procedures to validate your spreadsheets.

Can SciCord Lite create new compliant spreadsheets from our existing templates?

Yes. Your existing spreadsheets are loaded into SciCord Lite as GxP compliant templates.  SciCord also provides a service to address spreadsheet compliance concerns, instrument interface, and spreadsheet automation.

Can I open multiple spreadsheets?

SciCord Lite allows for multiple spreadsheets (documents) to be opened at any given time. These spreadsheets can either be opened in Read-Only mode or in Edit mode.

How do I find my work?

SciCord Lite provides full context searching to quickly find your work.  User defined views are persisted facilitating a personalized desktop.

Where are my spreadsheets stored?

SciCord Lite maintains all templates and individual spreadsheet copies on the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Archival bundles (spreadsheets and supporting records) are provided.

What is a Template?

SciCord Lite templates are Excel spreadsheets loaded onto and maintained by the system. Copies of the template (documents) are generated by the system to document individual activities (testing, formulation, logbook).

What version(s) of MS Excel is required?

Any version of Excel is supported by SciCord Lite.  There is no dependence on Excel or Excel version upgrades.

What infrastructure is required?

No local file shares or servers are required. SciCord Lite is provided as a service (SaaS, Software as a Service) with all IT infrastructure maintained and supported by SciCord.

Is SciCord Lite difficult to implement?

SciCord Lite is easy to implement:

  • SciCord Lite requires no installation and can be run from Internet Explorer.
  • SciCord Lite can have an unlimited number of users and support an unlimited number of spreadsheets.
  • Existing spreadsheets can be added as templates which are then available to all users.
  • SciCord Lite is not dependent on Excel or impacted by Excel version upgrades.
  • SciCord Lite implements GxP and fits into a compliant lab with minimal change to existing SOPs.