Cary, NC – July 11th, 2018 – SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its Cloud-based Laboratory Document Management tool.
With SciCord R1.3.2 we’ve taken steps to enhance the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of our product. Read more…

Hybrid ELN/LIMS: SciCord combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the flexibility of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

One Documentation Solution for Analytical QC, Developmental Studies, Synthetic Chemistry, and Manufacture Batch Records.

Common Knowledge: spreadsheets are ubiquitous throughout the scientific community. SciCord product builds on a scientist’s previous spreadsheet expertise for spreadsheet validation.

Friendly and Easy User Interface: the spreadsheet paradigm is built into SciCord user interface which reduces training and increases user acceptance.
Non-routine documentation is supported via spreadsheet tables, formulas, textboxes, and charts.

Templates: we deliver your methodology as plug and play templates that can be used to record, extract, and report with.

Pharmaceutical IT Experience: these templates are developed using over twenty years of experience in design and implementation of Analytical Templates.

Our experience helps us to understand how to streamline the development process (Requirements Definition, Coding, Validation, and Maintenance and Support) in the Lab, which creates operational efficiencies for the customer.

Time and Cost Reduction: we are able to enhance your existing Word or Excel documents with powerful ELN automation and connections, resulting in faster, accurate, and efficient implementations, saving time and money.
SciCord templates reduce documentation overhead, streamline compliance and optimize your process.

SciCord is capable of: Sample and Document Life Cycle Management, Sample Management and Inventory, Chemical Inventory, Reporting, Equipment and Metrology, Standard and Solution Management and Usage and Label Printing and Barcodes.

Results & data generated during work process execution are extracted from the ELN document and recorded in database tables with appropriate metadata.

Dictionaries, lists and references enhance the value of the structured data by avoiding multiple terminologies.


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