How SciCord Informatics Platform Works

The SciCord Informatics Platform feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age. It delivers on this promise using a secure cloud architecture and a versatile Software-as-a-Service model.

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How does SciCord Informatics Platform work to provide Compliance and Efficiency in the Lab

SciCord leverages a spreadsheet paradigm to offer you the best no-code engine on the market and provide rapid implementations and minimal ongoing overhead. Our customers see at least 30% efficiency improvement. These improvements are delivered through a secure cloud infrastructure that allows all your data to be accessible across your organization.


Software as a Service

SaaS minimizes your total cost of ownership. Maintenance and backups are included, minimizing IT overhead.
SciCord provisions required hardware, eliminating initial hardware purchase and refreshes.


Award winning Azure cloud platform meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2. Data is encryption at rest and in transit.

Backups and Replicates

Backups are made to two physical locations, Incremental Daily, Full Weekly, Full Monthly. Completed document bundles are provided to you for your own on-site storage.

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SciCord Informatics Platform utilizes the Azure server network, making SciCord accessible around the globe.
Azure Servers utilized by SciCord

Third Party Integration

For applications such as LIMS, SAP, ESM, and Metrology, the integration method of choice is Web Services with bidirectional exchange of information.
Other supported integration techniques include API, Database Access, and File Transfer.


The SciCord Informatics Platform data can be accessed and created by accessing our web-application or using the dedicated SciCord smart Client. Once installed on any compatible device, SciCord Client will automatically keep itself up-to-date not requiring any special privilege or system admin support. At the same time, the tool can be transparently used as a compliant data-entry appliance, or to connect to the local PC ports or to any instrument or application within the customer network without the need to grant access to/from our servers.

All data created within SciCord is reshaped in real-time through the usage of live ETL jobs that will populate SciMart: a read-only data mart that will allow to access critical insights in a quick and effective way. SciMart data will be configured to make your custom reporting, data visualization and data trending much simpler and more efficient.

Additional 3rd party applications or systems may interface to the SciCord ecosystem by consuming the web services exposed by our SciCord WebApi or, in the case of more complex scenarios, by interacting with our flexible event-driven message queuing system.

SciCord is built on a robust, secure architecture

SciCord Compared to the Competition

In a head to head competition, SciCord Informatics Platform is 3X more efficient at documenting a typical work process than the competition! One of our customers conducted an experiment in which SciCord was compared against another vendor. The concept was to understand which solution operated the most efficiently and effectively. A complete “Assay” work process was tested by the user group and while it took 60 minutes to complete the process using the [other vendor] tool, it only took the user 20 minutes using the SciCord Informatics Platform.

Why does SciCord perform well?

SciCord Competition
Processes are integrated, all the work is done in one comprehensive interface. Separate modules provided for each operation – time consuming to navigate to each stand alone function
Guides scientists through the work, providing efficiency tools wherever possible Standardized data entry assumes a one size fits all, although it rarely does
Documentation is propagated as needed throughout a work process Stand alone modules do not easily communicate information. Each module can require duplicate entries
Document only once and use links to reference Stand alone modules can require duplicate entries


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What Our Users Say


Don’t take our word for it. We exceed our client’s demands everyday to make their research and discovery process simpler and more efficient.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on how much easier your system makes this job.”
“We have been audited by FDA twice and they had no concerns about the system nor any findings.”
– Deb Carr, Director, IPD
“The implementation was quite smooth. The team came onsite and worked in parallel with our IT team.”
“Really cool to have data and CofA in the same system. I’ve used other solutions which require access to multiple systems to get the full picture.”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer
“[After sales support is] consistently excellent. They respond quickly, investigate thoroughly, and they can explain everything in a way that we understand and can convey.”
“My experience with the entire team (US & Europe) has been amazing. They are just a phone call away. My work has never suffered because of the lack of the support from their team.”
-Indu Chowdhary, PhD
“In a head to head competition, SciCord was 3x more efficient at documenting a typical work process than [competition]. A complete ‘Assay’ work process required 60 minutes in [competition], while only 20 minutes in SciCord!”
“Very impressed with the Demo. We actually had a call with another vendor just after your demo and they didn’t have half of the capabilities that SciCord was able to show.”
“We can scale our production up to 40% thanks to [SciCord].”
“Other LIMS systems are more challenging to implement”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer


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