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SciCord Mission Statement

Our aim is to create and maintain a comprehensive, configurable, informatics platform to enable users to record and manage their laboratory data in ways that accelerates bringing their product to market.

SciCord Value Proposition

SciCord improves laboratory efficiency and FDA compliance with a data management tool that empowers spreadsheets to enable information to be managed, controlled, structured, and shared.

David Strauss – CEO and Founder

At GSK, David created an ELN application which virtually eliminated paper from the world wide pre-clinical organization and was credited with a 30% productivity increase. David grew the application over 15 years to service more than 6000 scientists who in turn created over 800,000 experiments. As ELN champion, David was the involved and often led design, development, testing, validation, implementation, and regulatory compliance defense.

Work process automation is the key strength of the GSK ELN. David analyzed and implemented over 50 automated processes across the R&D landscape including analytical procedures, animal protocols, compound quality summations, synthetic route development and formulation development.

David developed rapid iteration methodology to gain process insights which resulted in solutions which increased efficiency and compliance. In contrast to many ELN/LIMS implementations, introduction of these high quality work process solutions was “sticky”, with high scientist satisfaction and business retention.

David was a key contributor to the LabWare ELN product development specifying user requirements, testing, and developing the first LabWare ELN templates. David started his career with Merck implementing LIMS in manufacturing testing labs and developing robotic analytical solutions.

Paolo Matrascia – CTO

Paolo has consulted in the IT industry for over 20 years. Nearly half of that time was spent with major pharmaceutical companies where he developed an interest in ELN applications when working to implement extensions to the CambridgeSoft ELN product.

Paolo has enjoyed diverse opportunities from advanced web applications to Big Data & Cloud Computing. His expertise and demonstrated ability to find simple solutions for even the most demanding technical challenges has made him an invaluable asset to every organization he has worked for.

Marco Lima

Marco has been in the IT industry since the early nineties. He started working as a software developer of information points for train stations and then continued as an IT consultant in the banking and automotive sectors, acquiring wider expertise, both technical and functional.

During his career Marco has been involved in the analysis, design, development, testing and tuning of complex IT systems with particular reference to the administration and optimization of systems and databases.

Always looking for new challenges, Marco saw the boom of the cloud era as an opportunity he could not pass up, and together with colleagues and friends, embarked on a new challenge: his own company!

John Neuhauser

John has worked in the medical laboratory diagnostic industry over the last 30+ years. He has held various roles as business development manager, director of corporate accounts and director of marketing. John was national director of sales at Sysmex Corporation of America and Iris Diagnostics. Most recently, John managed reference laboratory accounts, including LabCorp, Quest and Sonic Labs, for Beckman Coulter and Sekisui Diagnostics.

Adam Troxell

Adam has spent time in various industries and roles, transitioning from training individuals to selling services and onto human resource functions.

Adam was brought on to SciCord in 2016 to lead the software test team.

Adam applies his knowledge of the SciCord Core application as well as Template Development to ensure delivery of quality software to SciCord customers. Additionally, Adam crafts and implements the marketing strategies utilized by SciCord to gain market share in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nicholas Webb

Nicholas started his career as a laboratory technician/chemist. However, he took interest in the LIMS systems that his employers were using and wanted to build something better. That made SciCord a perfect fit.

He now works as a development specialist at SciCord. His primary focus is on templates but also working on internal APIs/controllers, documentation tools, and web applications.

Phyllis Sheets

Phyllis started her career in the automotive sector. She worked closely with the IT development team to create a user-friendly software and user manuals for retail outlets. Later transitioning to installing new computers systems, setting up technical software configurations, and training the end users.  

Phyllis joined the SciCord team in 2018. She works with the QA team to design and implement test plans that will assess functionality, reliability, performance, and quality of SciCord products. In addition, she assists with internal training and marketing. 

Joe Rinaudo

Joe has been working to provide unique products and services for over 20 years. He launched his career with Eastman Kodak Company as a Software Engineer in the Medical Products Division, where his digital capture and printing products were awarded a patent for their innovation.

He has since held Global Leadership positions in Software Development, Product Commercialization, Integration, Training, Systems Engineering, and Service at Kodak and BlueCrest. Joe also worked with Herschend Family Entertainment leading Business Process initiatives.

Product Innovation/Delivery has been a passion for Joe, and it has ultimately lead him to his work serving great customers in the SciCord Template Development group.

Joseph Spano

Joseph started his career working as a contract research scientist for the military after obtaining his Master’s in biomedical engineering and Bachelor’s in chemistry. He has a diverse R&D background spanning bio/nanomaterials, materials characterization, formulations, bench chemistry, as well as medical device and diagnostics development. He became interested in the LIMS space and was motivated to join a growing company like SciCord focused on delivering high quality solutions. Joseph joined SciCord in 2022 to work in the template developer role.

Michael Orf

Michael has worked as a manufacturing scientist with Perkin Elmer making their Next-Gen Sequencing kits, as well as in research and development for ThermoFisher Scientific, running their genetic sequencers and designing experiments. He was always looking for more efficient ways of performing work, and naturally gravitated towards LIMS/ELN systems to achieve this. Having been a bench scientist for years, Michael has a passion for helping other scientists improve their data and experiment management and joined SciCord as a Template Developer in 2023.


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