SciCord ELN provides a platform for integrating with Chromatography data systems. The Chromatography solution supports comprehensive documentation of your chromatography experiment:

  • Preparation of samples and standard.
  • Documenting instrumentation, columns, and methodology.
  • Generation of suitability information.
  • Calculation of final results.
  • Formatted report.
  • Visualization of chromatography
Export your chromatography data for use online.
One of the benefits of SciCord is the ability to interface your  Chromatography System with sample preparation, standards, instrumentation, columns, and methodology documented within ELN.  A linkage is created between a Chromatography Sequence and the associated ELN documentation.

Calculations may be performed either in the Chromatography System, within ELN or both, depending on the situation.  ELN provides a sophisticated calculation engine for performing validated calculations such as advanced suitability or applying complex assay/impurity methodologies.  The consolidated results of a chromatography analysis are displayed in a formatted report.

Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) are interfaced through various techniques depending on vendor.

  • XML or other structured file data source, like Agilent®
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems may support interface through a secure URL which is a reference to the underlying XML or other structured file data source.
  • Structured API to an underlying data source, like Empower®

The following CDS systems are currently supported (additional systems can be interfaced if needed)

Visualization of chromatograms by supervisors, quality teams, and auditors is a challenge facing many organizations.  Few of these folks have the access and/or training to view chromatograms in the CDS system.  Static chromatogram images are often recorded in the notebook as a poor substitute.

SciCord ELN provides an easy to use vendor agnostic sequence viewer for reviewers, quality assurance staff, and auditors.  When viewing a notebook, just click on the chromatography link to open the data in SciChrom Viewer, a full-featured, web based viewer.

No training or specific access grants required. Reduce the number of third party Chromatography system licenses in your organization.

A simple, demo version of SciCord’s SciChrom Viewer is accessible below. A guide is also available if you need more information about how SciChrom Viewer works.
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Zoom/Pan Controls

[alt_row] [col-6]
  • The chart can be panned by left-clicking and holding anywhere in the chart and moving the mouse.
  • The chart can be zoomed by scrolling up or down on the scrollwheel, or by using a pinch to zoom gesture on touchscreens.
  • Ctrl-Clicking and dragging the mouse (or clicking down on the scrollwheel/middle mouse button and dragging) will create a zoom-box that will define the new pan and zoom of the chart.
    • If the zoom-box does not match the aspect-ratio of the original chart, the injection lines will be vertically stretched to fill the space. This can be used to enlarge small peaks.
[/col] [col-6]

Ctrl-Click or Middle-Mouse click to use the zoom-box

Ctrl-Click or Middle-Mouse click to use the zoom-box

[/col] [/alt_row]

Options Panel

[alt_row] [col-9]

The options panel can be accessed by moving the mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner of the chart, or by right-clicking anywhere in the chart.

  • Reset Chart: redraws the chart from scratch, restores zoom and panning to default positions
  • Reset Focus: Resets the vertical scaling if the chart has been vertically stretched
  • Hide/Show Crosshairs: Hides or shows the crosshairs, button label changes contextually
  • Show/Hide Retention Time: Shows or hides the retention times on peak labels. The button label changes contextually
  • Configure Columns: Shows a popup dialog that allows you to select the visible columns in the peak table and set number of decimals
  • Screenshot: launches the screenshot dialog
  • Hide/Show All: Hides/Shows all secondary injections. Button label changes contextually.
  • Stacked/Normal View: Toggles the Stacked view on and off. Button label changes contextually.
    • If the button is grey and says “Normal View”, secondary injections will be drawn on top of the main injection
    • If the button is blue and says “Stacked View”, the secondary injections are given an offset to separate them out from the main injection and each other
      • Four arrows are available below the button to change this offset by moving the secondary injections up, down, left, or right.
[/col] [col-3]

ChromView options panel

[/col] [/alt_row]


[alt_row] [col-9]

If there are one or more secondary injections, an additional column will be added to the legend called “Main”.

  • The circle icon to the left of the name of each secondary injection will be a colored check-mark. Clicking this icon will turn it into a grey X and hide the corresponding injection in the chart. All of the secondary injections can also be hidden/shown at once using the Hide/Show All button in the options panel.
  • The circle icon to the right of the name of each secondary injection will be a grey X. Clicking this icon will turn it into a red check-mark and will display the baselines on the corresponding injection.
  • The main injection will have a blue circle in the “Main” column, while the secondary injections will have a grey X. Clicking one of the grey Xs will make the corresponding injection the main injection and re-order the chart accordingly.

The legend can be moved around the chart by clicking and dragging it.

[/col] [col-3]

ChromView legend

[/col] [/alt_row]

Peak Information

[alt_row] [col-8]
  • Clicking on a peak will highlight the peak in the chart.
    • A mini-table will also appear with relevant information about the peak.
  • The full table is located below the chart. Each row corresponds to a peak.
    • Clicking a row will also highlight the peak in the chart.
    • The visible columns can be configured in the options panel.
[/col] [col-4]

ChromView click peak


[/col] [/alt_row]

For a deeper dive into using SciChrom Viewer, the full user guide can be downloaded:
[FA_icon]fas fa-file-pdf[/FA_icon] Full User Guide