SciCord ELN provides a platform for integrating with Chromatography data systems. The Chromatography solution supports comprehensive documentation of your chromatography experiment:

  • Preparation of samples and standard.
  • Documenting instrumentation, columns, and methodology.
  • Generation of suitability information.
  • Calculation of final results.
  • Formatted report.
  • Visualization of chromatography

One of the benefits of SciCord is the ability to interface your  Chromatography System with sample preparation, standards, instrumentation, columns, and methodology documented within ELN.  A linkage is created between a Chromatography Sequence and the associated ELN documentation.

Calculations may be performed either in the Chromatography System, within ELN or both, depending on the situation.  ELN provides a sophisticated calculation engine for performing validated calculations such as advanced suitability or applying complex assay/impurity methodologies.  The consolidated results of a chromatography analysis are displayed in a formatted report.

Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) are interfaced through various techniques depending on vendor.

  • XML or other structured file data source. (Agilent)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems may support interface through a secure URL which is a reference to the underlying XML or other structured file data source.
  • Structured API to underlying data source (Empower)

Visualization of chromatograms by supervisors, quality teams, and auditors is a challenge facing many organizations.  Few of these folks have the access and/or training to view chromatograms in the CDS system.  Static chromatogram images are often recorded in the notebook as a poor substitute.

SciCord ELN provides an easy to use vendor agnostic sequence viewer for reviewers, quality assurance staff, and auditors.  When viewing a notebook, just click on the chromatography link to open a full featured viewer to assess peak integration.  No training or specific access grants required.

Reduce the number of Chromatography system licenses in your organization.