Chemical Inventory is a basic building block for an efficient laboratory and is often required to produce local safety reports.  SciCord’s Chemical Inventory Solution is designed to receive and inventory chemicals, reagents, or supplies with minimum effort and then utilize the inventory to record usage with a single scan or click.

  • Receive inventory and generate a unique tracking ID.
  • Print bar-coded internal labels for error free tracking.
  • One-click or scan the bar-code to reference the inventory item in an experimental record to fully document the item and avoid transcription errors.
  • Provide inventory reports for safety organizations.
  • Provide a usage log to quickly identify usage of the inventory item.
  • Restrict expired reagent use.

Chemical Inventory provides a single source for reagents with bar-coded label support and allows for lab personnel to easily reference chemicals in experimental documentation.

Chemicals, reagents, and supplies are recorded when received by the lab.

Details can include the description, initial amount, units, the location of where the chemical is being stored, hazard warnings, and expiration date.

An internal label is generated based on the receipt information recorded.  A variety of label sizes and formats are supported, depending on the labels and printer your lab uses.

Labeled inventory items can be scanned to retrieve all relevant information in the ELN system. This can be used to register that the chemical was used in a particular experiment, how much was taken, view Safety Data Sheets, etc.

Indirect Benefits of utilizing a Chemical Inventory in an ELN include:

Money Management –  As a laboratory purchases, stores, and consumes chemicals, if that information isn’t accurate or in a readily accessible location then there won’t be effective management of their chemical inventory. For a lab manager, it is important to know the current quantities and locations to keep on-hand only the necessary levels of chemicals thereby saving time and money.

Safety Standards – Having a complete understanding of what chemicals are stored within the lab and their hazards improves the safety of a laboratory. Managers are able to promote safety courses and safe handling instruction to lab personnel reducing the risk of accidents in the lab.

Productivity Gains – Managing a chemical inventory can be cumbersome. An effective chemical inventory will increase productivity by eliminating many of the repetitive, labor-intensive tasks, such as monthly reports, and providing the opportunity to spend time on other tasks.