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Our Core Solutions

These are the primary solutions that our customers most often ask for and we can implement rapidly with out-of-the-box templates and configuration. These can be changed from our defaults to better fit your use case if needed, and can also be implemented alongside more bespoke templates if you have a specific process in mind.

Batch Records

Ready to Improve efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance transforming your batch records processes.
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Increase the efficiency and compliance of your chromatography analysis and expose your chromatography data across your organization to improve decision making.
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Mass Spec

Elevate efficiency, assure compliance, and streamline your Mass Spec information process.
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Reliably manage your stability programs, reducing errors, and providing a toolset for effective stability testing, analysis, and reporting.
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Improve control of your Inhaled development using an Information Platform to improve both compliance and efficiency
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Environmental Monitoring

Collect and analyze environmental data with enhanced compliance and efficiency.
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Next Generation Sequencing

Ensure secure management and tracking of NGS samples throughout the entire process, from extraction to data analysis.
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SciCord Informatics Platform includes a set of standard processes that most labs require. These infrastructure-focused modules improve lab data quality, promote a safe working environment, and are essential for regulatory compliance.

Chemical Inventory

Receive and inventory chemicals, reagents, or supplies with minimum effort and then utilize the inventory to record usage with a single scan or click.
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Equipment Logbook

Replace paper or spreadsheet asset inventories and keep a complete record of events in the life of equipment.
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Standard Preparation

Document preparation of stock, working, linearity, and QL standards.
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Solution Preparation

Record your solution preparation including lots and expiration dates of reagents and chemicals.
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Document Management

Designed to manage SOPs, methods, protocols, or other managed document requiring versioning, lifecycle and electronic signature. Group a set of managed documents into an Index.
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Easy to document training events in personal training records.
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The SciCord Informatics Platform includes sample management functionality, which supports sample integrity, ensures data quality, and is essential for regulatory compliance.

Sample Management

Manage internal or external samples with configured sample types to define the different samples across your organization. Schedule work and extract results against these samples.
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Sample Custody

Document transactions involving controlled substances. Internal company transactions can be completely electronic with audit trails and electronic signatures.
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Generate customized barcoded labels for samples, standards, solutions, and chemicals.
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Supports workflow efficiency, standardization, compliance, data integrity, real-time monitoring, collaboration, quality control, resource optimization, and opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation.


Document both early and later phases of your formulation process. Designed for flexibility, while implementing a common framework for recording formulation experiments across the organization.
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Synthetic Chemistry

A solution focused on Synthetic chemistry includes tables for definition of the procedure, materials, and expected results.
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Systems Integration

Integrate all laboratory systems. Centralize Data and remove redundant systems. Reduce IT footprint.
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What Our Users Say


Don’t take our word for it. We exceed our client’s demands everyday to make their research and discovery process simpler and more efficient.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on how much easier your system makes this job.”
“We have been audited by FDA twice and they had no concerns about the system nor any findings.”
– Deb Carr, Director, IPD
“The implementation was quite smooth. The team came onsite and worked in parallel with our IT team.”
“Really cool to have data and CofA in the same system. I’ve used other solutions which require access to multiple systems to get the full picture.”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer
“[After sales support is] consistently excellent. They respond quickly, investigate thoroughly, and they can explain everything in a way that we understand and can convey.”
“My experience with the entire team (US & Europe) has been amazing. They are just a phone call away. My work has never suffered because of the lack of the support from their team.”
-Indu Chowdhary, PhD
“In a head to head competition, SciCord was 3x more efficient at documenting a typical work process than [competition]. A complete ‘Assay’ work process required 60 minutes in [competition], while only 20 minutes in SciCord!”
“Very impressed with the Demo. We actually had a call with another vendor just after your demo and they didn’t have half of the capabilities that SciCord was able to show.”
“We can scale our production up to 40% thanks to [SciCord].”
“Other LIMS systems are more challenging to implement”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer


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