Formulated Solutions Achieves Operational Excellence with SciCord

A Case Study of LIMS Implementation Requiring Harmonization Across Multiple Sites and Facing a Tight Schedule


  • Reduced Operational Cost: Transitioning from a product offering similar functionality but requiring higher operational costs resulting in savings of $360,000 per year.
  • Streamlined Operations: Centralized data management and automated task workflows, boosting operational efficiency for Formulated Solution leading to accelerated turnaround times and heightened productivity.
  • Regulatory Confidence: Built-in compliance features assure Formulated Solutions adherence to industry regulations and standards, ensuring continuous regulatory compliance. Elimination of errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Unified Performance Across Sites: Harmonization across production sites, ensures consistent testing procedures and data management practices, optimizing efficiency and facilitating collaboration.

I have been involved in four stability migrations and this has been the easiest”

Jackie Linder, Supervisor,

Stability Services | Formulated Solutions, LLC


Formulated Solutions faced challenges in their laboratory data management processes, grappling with inefficiencies and inconsistencies across their operations. The headquarters Largo site utilized spreadsheets and paper solutions while the newly acquired Cleveland lab operated a legacy LIMS. Despite this discrepancy, both sites were responsible for conducting similar tasks in environmental and water monitoring, requiring precise data management and regulatory compliance. An essential aspect of addressing these challenges was the harmonization of operations between the Cleveland and Largo sites.

A motivating factor for the transition was Cleveland’s dependence on an expensive legacy LIMS with the lease due Jan 2024.  Substantial savings would accrue if processes and data were migrated prior to this date.  Failure to configure the new LIMS system before the lease date would result in having to renew their old LIMS system at a considerable cost, making it imperative to implement the new system before the lease renewal date.


Formulated Solutions encountered and overcame several challenges in implementing SciCord LIMS across multiple sites:

  1. Tight Schedule: The project faced a strict timeline, with the contract signed Aug 2023 and full transition for Cleveland site scheduled for January 2024 to avoid having to renew legacy LIMS.
  2. Diverse Workflows: Processes at the Largo site used a combination of paper and spreadsheets while the Cleveland site utilized a digital approach with known inefficiencies and challenges.  While reports and stability testing were consistent across sites, analysis was required to understand the “As Is” situation and define a harmonized “To Be” model for each site.

Bridging Expertise Disparities: The Cleveland and Largo sites faced a disparity regarding digital ways of working.  The Largo site without any previous LIMS experience required a crash course in managing processes electronically.  The Largo site had digital expertise albeit with an outmoded LIMS solution which was an advantage but also created confusion in the team due to inefficient legacy processes.


The SciCord team was able to successfully achieve timely completion of the project, aligning with Formulated Solutions’ tight schedule and saving significant costs associated with renewing their legacy LIMS.  Harmonized digital processes were achieved resulting in enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations across Formulated Solutions’ Cleveland and Largo sites.

Formulated Solutions previously relied on outdated LIMS systems and manual spreadsheets, which posed challenges common to many organizations dealing with legacy systems.  SciCord Informatics Platform provided flexibility to integrate with existing spreadsheets and processes. SciCord adaptability overcame constraints imposed by legacy systems while retaining the valuable aspects of their previous workflows and gaining efficiency throughout the organization.

As you evaluate your organization’s needs, consider the practical benefits of the SciCord Informatics Platform in optimizing your laboratory data management processes, particularly across multiple sites. Whether you’re grappling with disparate workflows, differing levels of digital experience in your team, or regulatory compliance challenges, SciCord LIMS capabilities offers tailored solutions to drive efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to discover how SciCord LIMS capabilities can align with your organization’s goals and empower your team to achieve operational excellence.

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Formulated Solutions Achieves Operational Excellence with SciCord

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