Getting the SciCord Informatics Platform Up and Running in Your Lab

The SciCord Informatics Platform feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age. It delivers on this promise using a secure cloud architecture and a versatile Software-as-a-Service model.

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“The world of lab data software is not well-defined, but at least two types of systems that come up are ELNs and LIMSs . . . Despite how important LIMS are to biotech, I don’t know how a biotech is supposed to get one up and running . . . Unfortunately, I don’t know of any specific LIMS that works well for general use.”

– Brian Naughton, Boolean Biotech 2021

Mr. Naughton’s comments are insightful, primarily because he works in the biotech industry and acknowledges the vital role a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) plays. Even in the pharma and biotech industries, people are confused about the differences between an ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) and a LIMS.

SciCord works to bring LIMS and ELN, and other common lab software, together into one informatics platform. Our customers see at least a 30% efficiency improvement. These improvements are delivered through a secure cloud infrastructure that allows all your data to be accessible across your organization.

Software as a Service

SaaS minimizes your total cost of ownership. Maintenance and backups are included, minimizing IT overhead.
SciCord provisions required hardware, eliminating initial hardware purchase and refreshes.


Award winning Azure cloud platform meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2. Data is encryption at rest and in transit.

Backups and Replicates

Backups are made to two physical locations, Incremental Daily, Full Weekly, Full Monthly. Completed document bundles are provided to you for your own on-site storage.

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Why Software as a Service?

SaaS also allows SciCord to utilize a more robust central cloud infrastructure, based on Microsoft Azure. The SaaS provider manages the application, provides hardware, maintains security, and routinely monitors performance. By contrast, a local-only implementation requires hardware to be managed on-site, dedicated staff to be assigned to maintain it, and increases the risk of data loss in the event of unforeseen accidents or hardware failures.

Implementing SciCord as a SaaS product also allows for quicker and smoother implementations. Typical benefits or advantages of a SaaS solution include:

  1. Reduced time to benefit
  2. Lower costs
  3. Scalability and integration
  4. New releases (upgrades)
  5. Easy to use and perform proof-of-concepts

Additional details on these items can be found in Top 5 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS).


SciCord utilizes the Azure server network, making SciCord Informatics Platform accessible around the globe.
Azure Servers utilized by SciCord

Third Party Integration

Web Services allow bidirectional exchange of information. This lets data be pulled from local-only or third-party repositories, such as an Empower installation, and upload it to the SciCord cloud for long-term storage and greater accessibility. Reviewers and managers can then view your data without direct access to the originating program or instrument.

Data can also be imported through database access, file transfers, etc.


SciCord’s SaaS approach also facilitates delivering multiple software solutions in one package. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Notebook (ELN) are key parts of this feature set.

  • LIMS is focused on the management and tracking of laboratory samples, workflows, and associated data. Read more about us from a LIMS perspective here.
  • ELNs are primarily designed to replace traditional paper laboratory notebooks. Read more about us from an ELN perspective here.

SciCord also includes features of document management (SDMS), batch record (EBR) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Lab Execution (LES) systems.

SciCord in the Lab

The SciCord Informatics Platform was designed for the pharmaceutical industry and now includes an industry-leading application for labs developing inhaled products. SciCord provides the perfect platform for research organizations–such as biotech firms–that need a compliant documentation system from late Phase II through manufacture. In addition, the software is scalable and able to support global organizations as well as individual laboratories.

SciCord excels in Pharma labs, manufacturing, R&D, and biotech by:

Delivering Our Service Effectively

SciCord serves both GxP and non-GxP clients. SciCord provides the software and the infrastructure, maintenance, and support.

Protecting Data from External Threats

All SciCord systems are periodically updated with the current patches and security protocols. Data in the SciCord database is encrypted to protect it. Data is also encrypted when transmitted between a client’s site and the Cloud servers. Additionally, clients can expect external protection tests at least annually, with every major software release.

Protecting Data from Improper Internal Access and Vulnerability

A layered password system allows users to access only the information and resources required to perform their legitimate tasks. As designated by FDA 21 CFR part 11, SciCord incorporates security features such as timestamps and digital signatures to assure regulated agencies that data on the system is consistent, not tampered with, and in general follows the data integrity directives mandated by the FDA. The system is also evaluated at least annually to verify its effectiveness.

Additionally, SciCord safeguards application and interface security by:

  • Following SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) guidelines, which outline phases of development, each with built-in control features.
  • Using only in-house code developers.
  • Penetration testing for each major version
  • Regularly testing the software against OWASP Top 10 to identify any vulnerabilities.

Instrument Access

SciCord accommodates real-time data collection and displays from balances, pH meters, and other instruments by monitoring an IP address. For instruments that feature a result database, SciCord connects to the database, acquires the results, and records them. For all others, a printed output or created spreadsheet/CSV can be parsed for data import.

User Guidance

A lab doesn’t need to overflow with IT gurus or ‘superusers’ to reap the benefits SciCord provides. Users only need PCs that run Windows and basic working knowledge of spreadsheet software. SciCord provides initial instruction and training as well as periodic support.

SciCord offers the support required to implement and customize the software to fit a client’s needs. Each client is assigned a Project Manager to coordinate the deliverables between each lab’s personnel and the SciCord personnel.


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What Our Users Say


Don’t take our word for it. We exceed our client’s demands everyday to make their research and discovery process simpler and more efficient.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on how much easier your system makes this job.”
“We have been audited by FDA twice and they had no concerns about the system nor any findings.”
– Deb Carr, Director, IPD
“The implementation was quite smooth. The team came onsite and worked in parallel with our IT team.”
“Really cool to have data and CofA in the same system. I’ve used other solutions which require access to multiple systems to get the full picture.”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer
“[After sales support is] consistently excellent. They respond quickly, investigate thoroughly, and they can explain everything in a way that we understand and can convey.”
“My experience with the entire team (US & Europe) has been amazing. They are just a phone call away. My work has never suffered because of the lack of the support from their team.”
-Indu Chowdhary, PhD
“In a head to head competition, SciCord was 3x more efficient at documenting a typical work process than [competition]. A complete ‘Assay’ work process required 60 minutes in [competition], while only 20 minutes in SciCord!”
“Very impressed with the Demo. We actually had a call with another vendor just after your demo and they didn’t have half of the capabilities that SciCord was able to show.”
“We can scale our production up to 40% thanks to [SciCord].”
“Other LIMS systems are more challenging to implement”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer


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