Lab Informatics Management System (LIMS) Capabilities

Our platform enables efficient collaboration across your organization while minimizing deployment and administrative effort.

Boost your lab’s productivity and compliance with our cloud-based informatics platform, which offers a complete lab solution, including LIMS functionality, and ensures right-first-time data capture.

Implement a new validated process, with no-code configuration, in as little as 1 week.

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Rapid LIMS Implementation and Minimal Administration

Are you convinced that LIMS could benefit your organization but worried about the effort to implement and administer the LIMS?

The key to rapid implementations and minimal administration is effective no-code configuration. SciCord leverages a spreadsheet paradigm to offer you the best no-code engine on the market and provide rapid implementations and minimal ongoing overhead. Our customers see at least 30% efficiency improvement.
[popup_button][popup_button_number]1[/popup_button_number]What’s the Difference Between LIMS and ELN?[/popup_button]

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Notebook (ELN) functionality have overlapped over the last 5 years. Mature LIMS systems will incorporate some aspects of ELN functionality and vice versa.

A simple boundary between the two sets of function:

  • LIMS is focused on the management and tracking of laboratory samples, workflows, and associated data.
  • ELNs are primarily designed to replace traditional paper laboratory notebooks.

SciCord Informatics Platform is both a full featured LIMS & ELN. The benefits/features of a LIMS-focused approach are described here – if you’re more interested in an ELN, you can read about that on our ELN page.

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Data Organization

[/card_face][card_back] Efficiently organize and catalog vast amounts of data, making it easier to locate and retrieve information when needed.
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Data Integrity

[/card_face][card_back] Enhance data accuracy and reduce the risk of errors by automating data entry and validation processes.
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Sample Tracking

[/card_face][card_back] Enable comprehensive sample tracking, ensuring that samples are not lost, mislabeled, or mishandled.

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Workflow Management

[/card_face][card_back] Streamlines laboratory processes and workflows, improving efficiency and reducing turnaround times. Review tools provide a measured efficiency improvement of at least 30%.
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Quality Control

[/card_face][card_back] Maintain consistent quality by enforcing standardized procedures and automating quality control checks.
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Compliance and Regulatory Support

[/card_face][card_back] Facilitate adherence to regulatory requirements and standards, making it easier to prepare for audits and inspections. Electronic records and electronic signatures meet regulatory requirements, including GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

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Access Control

[/card_face][card_back] Data security features, such as user roles and permissions define access and protect sensitive information.
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[/card_face][card_back] Collaboration is enhanced among laboratory staff by providing a centralized platform for data sharing and communication. Documents (experiments/notebooks) can also be securely shared with members of external teams.

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Inventory Management

[/card_face][card_back] Manage laboratory inventory, including reagents, supplies, and equipment, ensuring that resources are used efficiently.
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Reporting and Analysis

[/card_face][card_back] Generation of reports and analysis of data aid in decision-making and research.
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Data Traceability

[/card_face][card_back] Comprehensive audit trail, allows users to trace the history of data and sample handling.
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Featured Contents


[FA_icon]fas fa-cogs[/FA_icon] No-code Config

The SciCord LIMS leverages a unique spreadsheet paradigm, eliminating the need for code in solution configuration. This approach provides an intuitive interface, speeds up implementation, reduces administrative overhead, and seamlessly integrates with your existing spreadsheets used for managing work processes, calculations, and reporting requirements.

[spacer-25] [alt-row-flex]flipMobile[col-flex-4.5] Improve your compliance using validated formulas to eliminate calculation errors and assure adherence to SOPs.

[FA_icon]fas fa-list-alt[/FA_icon] Compliance

Compliance is at the core of our platform, ensuring adherence to GxP regulations and guidelines. Our platform excels at streamlining the review and approval life cycle, delivering a minimum 30% increase in turnaround efficiency. Furthermore, we offer validated work processes, IQ/OQ packages, and PQ drafting services that effectively accelerates your time to value.

  • Defined lists to assure adherence to SOPs.
  • Automatic entry verification to flag potential Out-Of-Specification situations.
  • Restrictions to avoid use of expired solutions or assure use of equipment by trained individuals.
  • Intelligent scans alert reviewers of potential issues with precision, unstable balance, uncalibrated equipment, un-validated process.
  • Fully compliant with CFR 21 Part11 including electronic signatures and audit trails.
  • Improve your compliance using validated formulas to eliminate calculation errors.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-list-ol[/FA_icon] Comprehensive

In addition to a full featured LIMS, SciCord platform includes support features used across the entire Development organization such as LES, MES/EBR, SDMS, and ELN. This comprehensive toolset eliminates the need for multiple niche solutions. SciCord combines the flexibility needed for early development with the structured processes essential for later phase manufacturing and analysis.

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[FA_icon]fas fa-calculator[/FA_icon] Calculations & Statistics

The Spreadsheet calculation engine is integral to the SciCord Informatics Platform and formulae are leveraged to perform calculations or statistics.

  • The rich Microsoft Excel feature set is leveraged and most Excel functionality is supported.
  • Calculations may also be pre-defined, locked, and validated in templates to increase efficiency and compliance.
  • Calculations may be defined and performed ad hoc while documenting work.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-weight[/FA_icon] Instrument Interface

  • Instruments with RS232 or IP output are connected and record directly into your experiment.
  • Instrument files on file shares or PC hard drives are attached to SciCord experiments for secure storage.
  • Printed instrument reports are captured using the SciCord printer driver and stored securely in the SciCord Informatics Platform.
  • Custom parsing on attached files extracts data from instrument files and records the data in SciCord experiments for additional calculations, statistical analysis, and/or summarization.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-server[/FA_icon] Data Repository

Attach files in the context of your experiment or notebook

  • Consolidate instrument raw data and report files and eliminate the use of file shares, local PCs, and hardcopy.
  • Copies of your files are created in secure storage with full context and cannot be changed (if updates are needed, attach the updated version and the older version(s) will be maintained).
  • Attached files of standard types may be viewed directly in SciCord or downloaded to be opened in third party software

[FA_icon]fas fa-table[/FA_icon] Data Mart

Dynamic, customer-specific database tables, which can be customized and optimized according to the user’s needs – without any changes required to the Core application or Templates. Produced data can then be consumed by any generic visualization tool, third data application or external interfaces.

  • Query laboratory data using your tool of choice (example: Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Power BI®, Tibco Spotfire®, SAS JMP®, etc) to generate Metrics, Protocol Reports, or perform statistical analysis.
  • DataMart transforms data into customer specific tables for easy access by scientists.
  • Author custom reports against DataMart tables using Microsoft Excel.
[/col-flex][col-flex-0.5][/col-flex][col-flex-6.5] Inhalation results are organized and visualized automatically when imported from Empower (or other programs/manual entry if desired).
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[FA_icon]fas fa-envelope-open-text[/FA_icon] Messaging

Workflow is facilitated by a configurable messaging system.

  • Messages are automatically generated based on user-defined events or may be initiated manually.
  • Messages targeted to individual scientists, reviewers, and approvers are automatically generated at the defined steps in the sample or document lifecycle.
  • The system supports messaging both internally to the solution and via email.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-user-tag[/FA_icon] Roles and Permission

Enforce your organizations policies and compliance commitments using a comprehensive set of configurable SciCord roles and permissions.

  • SciCord provides a standard set of roles predefined with permissions to implement pharmaceutical best practices.
  • Organizations can configure permissions and create custom roles where needed to implement local practices.
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Document Control


[FA_icon]fas fa-folder[/FA_icon] Views and Directories

Views and Directories are a powerful tool designed to organize the oftentimes complex world of laboratory documentation.

  • SciCord Informatics Platform users create individually customized and persisted desktops to quickly perform daily activities such as “My Documents”, “My Review”, or group documents and samples by project.
  • A supervisor may create a team view displaying active work. A project lead could persist a view of work requests for a project.
  • Views are used to organize the complex world of laboratory documentation.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-file-alt[/FA_icon] Document Workflow

Each Document (experiment/notebook) is subject to a managed/controlled review and approval cycle.

  • Workflows are automatically assigned based on the document type.
  • The assigned workflow may be upgraded or downgraded at any time in the lifecycle by persons having an appropriate role.
  • A document can be completed for a non-compliant purpose and later subjected to a compliant workflow to ensure the work is suitable for regulated purposes.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-vial[/FA_icon] Sample Management

Manage internal or external samples with configured sample types to define the different samples across your organization.

  • Work requests support assignment of sample related tasks to individuals or groups.
  • The sample interface consolidates sample results and provides status at a glance.
  • Sample Inventory includes sample requests, transactions, and amounts on hand.

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[FA_icon]fas fa-tasks[/FA_icon] Sample Lifecycle

Each sample is subject to a managed/controlled review and approval cycle.

  • Workflows are automatically assigned based on the sample type.
  • The assigned workflow may be upgraded or downgraded at any time in the lifecycle by persons having an appropriate role.
  • A sample can be completed for a non-compliant purpose and later subjected to a compliant workflow to ensure the work is suitable for regulated purposes.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-vials[/FA_icon] Sample Custody

Sample control and custody procedures are important when establishing the integrity of the sample from the time of collection through usage. Custody of materials is often required to document the movement, storage, and responsible person for hazardous materials, internal product, or customer samples.

  • Inventory transactions such as location change, fill, pick, custody change, and disposal are recorded.
  • Transactions can be signed for accountability.
  • Sample amounts are automatically reconciled.

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[FA_icon]fas fa-list-alt[/FA_icon] Labels

Customized barcoded labels are generated for samples, standards, solutions, and chemicals.

  • Save time using Barcode scanners, which are fast and reliable, rather than manual data entry.
  • Labels for any laboratory item may be customized with necessary details and may be printed on a variety of label stocks (sizes/shapes)..

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[FA_icon]fas fa-search[/FA_icon] Review

Visual review interface and links to resources and attachments increases review efficiency by 30% over a typical hardbound notebook review process.

  • The review session visually indicates content which requires review and differentiates between initial entries and content which has been modified. The audit history is available to determine what was changed, who made the change, when the change was made and why.
  • Proforma information defined in templates including calculations does not require review greatly reducing reviewer effort.
  • Links to resources facilitate review of samples, standards, solutions, instrument logs, and materials referenced in the document.
  • Join review is supported where several individual review sections of a document. Each reviewer can visually determine what has/has not been reviewed.
  • Multiple review sessions where two or more individuals review the entire document. The effort is coordinated and the document can only be completed when all reviewers have finalized review sessions.
  • Calculations are typically verified/validated in templates to eliminate time consuming verification by the reviewer. If calculations are performed adhoc, the calculation is visually flagged for verification.
  • Intelligent Alerts aid reviewers and indicate situations which can require additional scrutiny. Situations such as instruments out of calibration, expired materials, and template not yet verified are listed..
  • “Sticky” Notes provide informal communication between the reviewer and scientist. The notes increase efficiency of rework and review.
  • A controlled workflow is applied to each document and manages the review and approval cycle.

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Don’t take our word for it. We exceed our client’s demands everyday to make their research and discovery process simpler and more efficient.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on how much easier your system makes this job.”
“We have been audited by FDA twice and they had no concerns about the system nor any findings.”
– Deb Carr, Director, IPD
“The implementation was quite smooth. The team came onsite and worked in parallel with our IT team.”
“Really cool to have data and CofA in the same system. I’ve used other solutions which require access to multiple systems to get the full picture.”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer
“[After sales support is] consistently excellent. They respond quickly, investigate thoroughly, and they can explain everything in a way that we understand and can convey.”
“My experience with the entire team (US & Europe) has been amazing. They are just a phone call away. My work has never suffered because of the lack of the support from their team.”
-Indu Chowdhary, PhD
“In a head to head competition, SciCord was 3x more efficient at documenting a typical work process than [competition]. A complete ‘Assay’ work process required 60 minutes in [competition], while only 20 minutes in SciCord!”
“Very impressed with the Demo. We actually had a call with another vendor just after your demo and they didn’t have half of the capabilities that SciCord was able to show.”
“We can scale our production up to 40% thanks to [SciCord].”
“Other LIMS systems are more challenging to implement”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer


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