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Our Core Features

The SciCord Informatics Platform feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age.
The core features listed below are provided out of the box and include a full documentation package:

Informatics Platform

Our Informatics Platform contains many functionalities, including that of an ELN and LIMS. Organize, store, and share your laboratory data in a secure, centralized location.
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SciCord Informatics Platform is designed for laboratory and manufacture compliance. Improve your compliance using validated formulas to eliminate calculation errors.
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Instrument Interface

Instruments with RS232 or IP output are connected and record directly into your experiment.
Instrument files on file shares or PC hard drives are attached to SciCord experiments for secure storage.
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Query laboratory data using your tool of choice (example: Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerBI®, Tibco Spotfire®, SaS JMP®, etc) to generate Metrics, Protocol Reports, or perform statistical analysis.
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Instrument Data Repository

Consolidate instrument raw data and report files and eliminate the use of file shares, local PCs, and hardcopy.
SciCord copies your raw or report instrument files to secure storage with full context.


Workflow is facilitated by a configurable messaging system.
Messages targeted to individual scientists, reviewers, and approvers are automatically generated at appropriate steps in the sample or document lifecycle.

How SciCord Works

The SciCord Informatics Platform feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age. It delivers on this promise using a secure architecture and a versatile Software-as-a-Service model.
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Software as a Service

SciCord follows a Software-as-a-service model, allowing secure cloud based data storage and access from anywhere.
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Secure your data from unauthorized access and protect against unexpected data loss with regular automated backups.
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SciCord can directly import and utilize your pre-existing spreadsheets, bringing audit history and our full toolset.
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Systems Integration

Integrate all laboratory systems. Centralize Data and remove redundant systems. Reduce IT footprint.
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Third Party Integration

Revolutionize your data management by seamlessly integrating your LIMS solution with an extensive array of third-party software and equipment.
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The ALCOA+ Model

SciCord follows the ALCOA + model when developing their ELN/LIMS solution to ensure that the data captured is Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate, Complete, Consistent, Enduring, and Available
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What Our Users Say


Don’t take our word for it. We exceed our client’s demands everyday to make their research and discovery process simpler and more efficient.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on how much easier your system makes this job.”
“We have been audited by FDA twice and they had no concerns about the system nor any findings.”
– Deb Carr, Director, IPD
“The implementation was quite smooth. The team came onsite and worked in parallel with our IT team.”
“Really cool to have data and CofA in the same system. I’ve used other solutions which require access to multiple systems to get the full picture.”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer
“[After sales support is] consistently excellent. They respond quickly, investigate thoroughly, and they can explain everything in a way that we understand and can convey.”
“My experience with the entire team (US & Europe) has been amazing. They are just a phone call away. My work has never suffered because of the lack of the support from their team.”
-Indu Chowdhary, PhD
“In a head to head competition, SciCord was 3x more efficient at documenting a typical work process than [competition]. A complete ‘Assay’ work process required 60 minutes in [competition], while only 20 minutes in SciCord!”
“Very impressed with the Demo. We actually had a call with another vendor just after your demo and they didn’t have half of the capabilities that SciCord was able to show.”
“We can scale our production up to 40% thanks to [SciCord].”
“Other LIMS systems are more challenging to implement”
– Radu Mihaila, Director CMC at GBT & Pfizer


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