Standards are integral to many laboratory processes and include the following generalized steps:

  • Reference Standards are weighed to create stock solutions.
  • Stock, working, QL  standards are diluted and labeled.
  • Standards are associated with analytical testing and concentrations utilized to generate sample results.

SciCord provides a solution designed to:

  • Document preparation of stock, working, linearity, and quantitative limit (QL) standards.
  • Calculate standard concentrations using validated formulae to assure accuracy.
  • Assign unique identification to each prepared standard.
  • Print bar-coded labels to eliminate transcription errors.
  • Record concentrations automatically at point of use.
  • Track usage of each standard to each instance where the standard is used.

Reference Standard Logbook

SciCord provides a logbook specifically for recording and managing your reference standards.

At receipt of a reference standard, record the description, lot and expiration date of the reference standard. Additional information is optionally recorded including purity.

Amounts used may be recorded to maintain and inventory and amount remaining.

Standard Preparation

Standards are typically prepared from one or more reference standards. Recording the reference standard(s) also automatically identifies the purity to be included in subsequent calculations and avoids transcription errors.

Stock standards are prepared including a description, reference standard weights, and dilution volumes.  Validated calculations automatically calculate concentrations for each component.

Additional dilution schemes are  documented to prepare working, limit, or other standards.

Labels including bar-codes are generated for each prepared standard.