A training system should be simple to use, easy to produce for internal or external audits, and clearly demonstrate your teams have documented training on SOPs, Methods, Safety or other requirements.

The SciCord Training Solution is designed to complement the ELN, allowing auditors to verify training records in-line with experimentation or other work documented in the system. Training can even be used to grant or revoke users permission to perform tasks. The SciCord Training Solution is implemented via two connected processes:


  • Define the required or optional training events for an organization or team.
  • Specify if the material is mandatory and attach any training materials.
  • Define the team to be trained
  • Set the event due dates for each individual.
  • Monitor completion.
  • Review and approve the curriculum at years end.

Individual Training Record

  • Individuals record completion of specified (curriculum) training.
  • Individuals record any other training events.
  • Training records are electronically signed.
  • Training records are reviewed and approved.