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Export your chromatography data for use online.

Use SciCord’s SciChrom Viewer, a tool designed as a Chromatography Data Viewer, to view and print reports securely online.
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SciCord’s SciChrom Viewer – the Online Chromatography Data Viewer

[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] Get more out of laboratory Chromatography Data

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-chart-area[/card_icon]Flexible Data Viewer[/card_top]

Chromatography Data Viewer can be easily configured.

  • Peak Selection: Choose Main Peaks and Injections
  • Peak Details: Data for Name, Type, Retention Time, Area, % Area
  • Dynamic Charts: Configurable Charts
  • Reports: Print-outs of charts and peak data


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-clipboard-check[/card_icon]SciChrom Viewer Advantages[/card_top]

Utilizing SciChrom Viewer:

  • Anyone with View access can open SciChrom Viewer
  • Create Chromatography charts using Peak Data
  • Eliminate need for additional chromatography licenses
  • View directly from SciCord instead of accessing multiple systems


[/card] [/card_row] [card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-desktop[/card_icon]Visualize chromatography data in a simple user interface[/card_top]
  • Visualize Peak Data
  • Compatible with multiple Peaks
  • Creation of Chromatography Reports
  • Easy to use interface
[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-piggy-bank[/card_icon]Cost Savings[/card_top] SciChrom Viewer without extra license fees:

  • Eliminate additional licenses for Chromatography systems
  • View and create Reports
  • Validated product


[/card] [/card_row]

[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] The SciCord Solution

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-book[/card_icon]A Single Digital Documentation Solution[/card_top] Combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Scientific Information Management System with the flexibility of an Electronic Notebook.

The SciCord ELN feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-dollar-sign[/card_icon]Highly valuable for:[/card_top]
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories with Chromatography Systems.
  • Save money and improve productivity without the need of additional Chromatography licenses.
  • Optimized to increase review efficiency by at least 30% over a typical hardbound notebook review process.


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]far fa-window-restore[/card_icon]Friendly User Interface[/card_top] The SciCord ELN/LIMS hybrid solution builds on a scientist’s previous spreadsheet expertise, reducing training time and increasing user acceptance.

Non-routine documentation is supported via tables, formulas, text-boxes, images, charts and generic attachments. Our software is easy to use and allows for sharing and finding of data, all in a paperless environment.

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Live Demo

A simple, demo version of SciCord’s SciChrom Viewer is accessible below. A guide is also available if you need more information about how SciChrom Viewer works.
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Zoom/Pan Controls

[alt_row] [col-6]
  • The chart can be panned by left-clicking and holding anywhere in the chart and moving the mouse.
  • The chart can be zoomed by scrolling up or down on the scrollwheel, or by using a pinch to zoom gesture on touchscreens.
  • Ctrl-Clicking and dragging the mouse (or clicking down on the scrollwheel/middle mouse button and dragging) will create a zoom-box that will define the new pan and zoom of the chart.
    • If the zoom-box does not match the aspect-ratio of the original chart, the injection lines will be vertically stretched to fill the space. This can be used to enlarge small peaks.
[/col] [col-6]

Ctrl-Click or Middle-Mouse click to use the zoom-box

Ctrl-Click or Middle-Mouse click to use the zoom-box

[/col] [/alt_row]

Options Panel

[alt_row] [col-9]

The options panel can be accessed by moving the mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner of the chart, or by right-clicking anywhere in the chart.

  • Reset Chart: redraws the chart from scratch, restores zoom and panning to default positions
  • Reset Focus: Resets the vertical scaling if the chart has been vertically stretched
  • Hide/Show Crosshairs: Hides or shows the crosshairs, button label changes contextually
  • Show/Hide Retention Time: Shows or hides the retention times on peak labels. The button label changes contextually
  • Configure Columns: Shows a popup dialog that allows you to select the visible columns in the peak table and set number of decimals
  • Screenshot: launches the screenshot dialog
  • Hide/Show All: Hides/Shows all secondary injections. Button label changes contextually.
  • Stacked/Normal View: Toggles the Stacked view on and off. Button label changes contextually.
    • If the button is grey and says “Normal View”, secondary injections will be drawn on top of the main injection
    • If the button is blue and says “Stacked View”, the secondary injections are given an offset to separate them out from the main injection and each other
      • Four arrows are available below the button to change this offset by moving the secondary injections up, down, left, or right.
[/col] [col-3]

ChromView options panel

[/col] [/alt_row]


[alt_row] [col-9]

If there are one or more secondary injections, an additional column will be added to the legend called “Main”.

  • The circle icon to the left of the name of each secondary injection will be a colored check-mark. Clicking this icon will turn it into a grey X and hide the corresponding injection in the chart. All of the secondary injections can also be hidden/shown at once using the Hide/Show All button in the options panel.
  • The circle icon to the right of the name of each secondary injection will be a grey X. Clicking this icon will turn it into a red check-mark and will display the baselines on the corresponding injection.
  • The main injection will have a blue circle in the “Main” column, while the secondary injections will have a grey X. Clicking one of the grey Xs will make the corresponding injection the main injection and re-order the chart accordingly.

The legend can be moved around the chart by clicking and dragging it.

[/col] [col-3]

ChromView legend

[/col] [/alt_row]

Peak Information

[alt_row] [col-8]
  • Clicking on a peak will highlight the peak in the chart.
    • A mini-table will also appear with relevant information about the peak.
  • The full table is located below the chart. Each row corresponds to a peak.
    • Clicking a row will also highlight the peak in the chart.
    • The visible columns can be configured in the options panel.
[/col] [col-4]

ChromView click peak


[/col] [/alt_row]

For a deeper dive into using SciChrom Viewer, the full user guide can be downloaded:
[FA_icon]fas fa-file-pdf[/FA_icon] Full User Guide


If you would be interested in how SciChrom Viewer could be utilized in your lab please contact us below.

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