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Go from cluttered notebooks to a full featured ELN with SciCord. Schedule a demo with us today.

Transform your Batch Records with SciCord ELN into a fully electronic format to increase your compliance and efficiency.
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Using Batch Records within SciCord

[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] Electronic Batch Records Provide:

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-project-diagram[/card_icon]Flexible Process Definition[/card_top] Configurable Electronic Batch Records can be used to securely record:

  • Manufacturing information: Description, Date, Site, Operators, Lots
  • Bill of Materials
  • Equipment lists and checks/maintenance records
  • Instructions for Manufacturing
  • In-Process or Retained Sampling


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-desktop[/card_icon]Electronic Batch Record Advantages[/card_top]

Utilizing Electronic Batch Records:

  • Facilitates communication and team effort by sharing samples and results across manufacturing teams
  • Sample Management (In-Process and Retained)
  • Eliminate transcription errors that occur between paper and spreadsheets
  • Adjust to changing conditions quickly


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-clipboard-check[/card_icon]GMP Compliance[/card_top] Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices:

  • Eliminate potential audit comments with structured comprehensive documentation
  • History of Equipment and cleaning/maintenance records
  • Every document contains a complete audit history to log all user actions.
  • Validated Labeling of Products and Samples


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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] Get more out of Batch Records

[card_row] [card] [card_top]

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Use electronic Batch Records to effectively document processes within a manufacture facility with links to results, samples, and resources:[/card_top]

  • Maintain Product details, Equipment information, and Maintenance records
  • Track and manage manufacture operations
  • Direct electronic capture of operator and instrument input
  • In-Process results directly available to facilitate the process

Maintaining comprehensive and meticulous Batch Records provides Regulators (e.g. FDA or ISO auditors) with confidence that a manufacturing site is in control and operating in accordance with regulations.

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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] The SciCord Solution

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-book[/card_icon]A Single Digital Documentation Solution[/card_top] Combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Scientific Information Management System with the flexibility of an Electronic Notebook.

The SciCord ELN feature set is designed to quickly propel your organization into the digital age.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-dollar-sign[/card_icon]Highly valuable for[/card_top]
  • Quality Control Labs, Developmental Studies, and Manufacture Batch Records.
  • Save money and improve productivity throughout your business process.
  • Optimized to increase review efficiency by at least 30% over a typical hardbound notebook review process.


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]far fa-window-restore[/card_icon]Friendly User Interface[/card_top] SciCord ELN builds on a scientist’s previous spreadsheet expertise, reducing training time and increasing user acceptance.

Non-routine documentation is supported via tables, formulas, text-boxes, images, charts and generic attachments. Our software is easy to use and allows for sharing and finding of data, all in a paperless environment.

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Batch records are custom made by SciCord to fit your individual production process. Lots, formulation ingredients, production parameters, etc can all be defined according to your needs.The custom Batch Record template typically starts with an overview of the parameters for the process.Each phase in the process gets its own worksheet, and is further sub-divided into steps. Information about each sample/can/lot is entered as the process progresses, and verified by appropriate personnel after each step.
Work requests can be assigned to users to schedule tasks for each sample. All work requests can be viewed in a calendar to get an overview of a user's tasks.ELN samples can be used to print a label for the physical sample, which can be scanned to retrieve its ELN record.
Multiple instruments or other equipment can be logged in the Equipment Logbook. Their complete calibration/check history can be recorded, along with other attributes (depending on the equipment type). Once the logbook is created, the equipment is linked to any other document that contains an experiment it was used in. The original logbook will generate a complete list of all instances where the equipment was utilized.The SciCord Training Solution is designed to complement the ELN, allowing auditors to verify training records in-line with experimentation or other work documented in the system. Training can even be used to grant or revoke users permission to perform tasks.

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