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Go from cluttered notebooks to a full featured ELN with SciCord. Schedule a demo with us today.

Transform your Lab Logbooks with SciCord ELN to improve both compliance and efficiency
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Use SciCord ELN for All of Your Documentation Needs

[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square light-blue[/FA_icon] A Single Solution For Your Data Management

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-flask[/card_icon]All-in-One ELN/LIMS[/card_top]SciCord combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the flexibility of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

[/card][card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-file-invoice[/card_icon]Comprehensive Documentation Solution[/card_top] We provide a start-to-finish documentation solution, covering the entire development life-cycle. Our system works with Developmental Studies, Manufacture Batch Records, Synthetic Chemistry, QC, and all other aspects of a lab/manufacturing process.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-tools[/card_icon]Configurable ELN Templates[/card_top]
  • Off-the-shelf templates are available for: Assets, Cleaning, Columns, Equipment, Manufacture, QA, Samples, Standards and Solutions, Training Curriculum and Record, and Weight Sets
  • Additional templates can be created by your team, or created by SciCord
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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square light-blue[/FA_icon] Leverage Spreadsheets for Easy Integration

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]far fa-window-restore[/card_icon]Easy User Interface[/card_top]
  • SciCord ELN builds on a scientist’s previous spreadsheet expertise, reducing training time and increasing user acceptance.
  • Existing spreadsheets can be integrated into the SciCord ELN.
  • Freeform, non-routine documentation is supported.
  • Allows for easy searching and sharing of data.
[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-table[/card_icon]Compliant Spreadsheets[/card_top]
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant, validated, using version controlled spreadsheet templates.
  • Capture an easy to follow audit trail on all changes that occur in the system.
  • Optimized review process increases productivity by 30% over a paper based process.
  • All data and documents are backed up automatically.
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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square light-blue[/FA_icon] Get the Most Out of Our Software

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-server[/card_icon]IT Experience[/card_top] With over twenty years of experience in scientific information management, SciCord understands how to streamline your lab processes. SciCord ELN is designed from the ground up to be easy to implement and maintain.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-network-wired[/card_icon]Compatibility with existing software[/card_top]
  • Query ELN data using your tool of choice (example: Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerBI®, Tibco Spotfire®, SaS JMP®, etc) to generate Metrics, Protocol Reports, or perform statistical analysis.
  • Data from external software, such as Empower® chromatography data, can be imported for further processing and linked to sample records.
[/card] [/card_row] [card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-cloud-upload-alt[/card_icon]Cloud Based ELN[/card_top] SciCord ELN is a true cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook that is provided via software-as-a-service (SaaS).

  • Our transparent, per-seat license model covers all of the costs associated with service delivery: software, hardware, and on-going support and maintenance.
  • Data saved in SciCord ELN is instantaneously available throughout your company, view-able by anyone with sufficient permission.
  • Focus on your core business with the assurance that we’ll be providing the best support for our software platform, while saving the lab time and money over the traditional on-premise solution.
[/card] [/card_row] [card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-sitemap[/card_icon]Structured Data[/card_top]

Unlike other ELNs, SciCord is capable of extracting structured data from documents and other workflows. While we retain a flexible user interface, data can still have a structured, database format. This is key for analyzing data over time and across many documents/experiments.

This works for everything from Experiment Results, Sample Management and Inventory, Chemical Inventory, Reporting, Equipment and Metrology, Standard and Solution Management, and Usage.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-chart-area[/card_icon]DataMart[/card_top]

Unique to the SciCord ELN, all of the generated data flows into a custom-designed DataMart, which can be used to easily integrate with other systems and applications like statistical packages or visualization tools for analysis and trending.

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Multiple instruments or other equipment can be logged in the Equipment Logbook. Their complete calibration/check history can be recorded, along with other attributes (depending on the equipment type). Once the logbook is created, the equipment is linked to any other document that contains an experiment it was used in. The original logbook will generate a complete list of all instances where the equipment was utilized.Work requests can be assigned to samples in order to schedule tasks and assign them to specific users.
Documents are linked together by an index document, and can be retrieved at any time. Multiple versions and reviewers are supported, allowing the document to change as needed while remaining fully verified.ELN samples can be used to print a label for the physical sample, which can be scanned to retrieve its ELN record.
Synthetic chemistry experiments can be fully documented, including references to materials, a list of procedures and signatures on each step, and embedded images to show the structures involved.Documents can progress through the system over time in several ways, depending on the level of accountability needed.

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