Subscription Type Price / Month
GxP certified environments Contact Us for a quote
non GxP environments Contact Us for a quote
  • Server hardware (database and application servers)
  • Server middleware (database, security, analysis)
  • Installation of new software releases and point fixes
  • Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Policies and procedures to govern all of the above

Core ELN The core application supports document creation, management, review & approval, sample administration, user administration, structured results, electronic signatures, and archive.
The core application supports modular addition of standard and custom templates.The core product is maintained by SciCord and accessed by the customer’s staff over secure HTTPS protocols (VPN is not included).It will be available 24/7 with at most 4 hours of down time per week for backups and maintenance.
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Document Management
  • Equipment Logbook
  • Labels
  • Methods
  • Reference Standards
  • Resources
  • Sample Management
  • Solution Preparation
  • Standard Preparation
  • Training Curriculum & Individual Record
Real Time Instrument Interfaces SciCord includes interface software to connect to “real time” instrumentation over Internet Protocol (IP) such as balances.
SciCord will provide recommendations regarding connectivity hardware.
Customer is responsible for purchasing and installing any required laptops, network ports, or interface hardware.
Chromatography Interface SciCord provides interfaces to major systems used to record and process chromatography data, like Waters Empower 3 and Agilent OpenLAB ECM.Additional interfaces can be implemented on demand.

  • Storage of 500GB.
  • Additional 100GB increments will be available.
  • Bandwidth of 180GB / Month is included where typical scientist usage is 2GB / month supporting up to 90 active users.

Production data will be backed up to at least two locations
and documents created by customer’s scientists will be rendered in pdf format
and provided to the customer on a schedule to be determined.

  • Storage of 50GB
  • Bandwidth of 180GB / Month

There are no maintenance or data retention assurances on this environment.
There is no limitation on the number of active users.

Priority Response Time Guidelines Resolution Resolution Guidelines Customer Escalation

Service completely unavailable

2 Hours within Normal Business Hours 8 Working Hours 90% within 1 Business Day Not resolved within 1 Business Day.

Service operational with minor difficulty or procedural issues accessing business critical functions.

2 Business Days 5 Business Days 90% within 7 Business Days Not resolved within 7 Business Days.

Service operational with minor difficulty or procedural issues having no impact on critical business operations.

5 Business Day Next scheduled Release 90% within 6 months. Not resolved in 6 months.

Scheduled maintenance or services

10 Business Days 1 Year N/A N/A