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Go from cluttered notebooks to a full featured ELN with SciCord. Schedule a demo with us today.

Transform your Lab Logbooks with SciCord ELN to improve both compliance and efficiency
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Need an ELN or a LIMS?

Trying to decide if your lab would be better served by an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) or Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)? SciCord features a robust set of both LIMS and ELN features to meet all of your lab’s software and data management needs.

[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] SciCord’s Software can Provide:

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-flask[/card_icon]All-in-One ELN/LIMS[/card_top]SciCord combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the flexibility of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-file-invoice[/card_icon]Comprehensive Documentation Solution[/card_top] We provide a start-to-finish documentation solution, covering the entire development life-cycle. Our system works with Developmental Studies, Manufacture Batch Records, Synthetic Chemistry, QC, and all other aspects of a lab/manufacturing process.

[/card] [/card_row] [card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-user-lock[/card_icon]Secure, tamper-proof records[/card_top] Configurable ELN logbooks can be used to securely record:

  • Equipment maintenance records
  • Daily equipment checks/maintenance
  • Equipment configuration information
  • Consumption of solutions, standards, and other supplies


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-link[/card_icon]Link Users to their actions[/card_top]

Link Users to specific entries, such as:

  • Maintenance or Calibration of Instruments
  • Sample Management (Receipt and Disposal)
  • Training Records
  • Results and measurements


[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-clipboard-check[/card_icon]Compliance[/card_top]
  • Eliminate potential audit comments with structured comprehensive documentation
  • In case of an equipment issue, find all instances where the equipment was used
  • Every document contains a complete audit history to log all user actions.


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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] Get the Structure of a LIMS in a Flexible ELN

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-sitemap[/card_icon]Structured Data[/card_top]

Unlike other ELNs, SciCord is capable of extracting structured data from documents and other workflows. While we retain a flexible user interface, data can still have a structured, database format. This is key for analyzing data over time and across many documents/experiments.

This works for everything from Experiment Results, Sample Management and Inventory, Chemical Inventory, Reporting, Equipment and Metrology, Standard and Solution Management, and Usage.

[/card] [/card_row][card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-chart-area[/card_icon]DataMart[/card_top]

Unique to the SciCord ELN, all of the generated data flows into a custom-designed DataMart, which can be used to easily integrate with other systems and applications like statistical packages or visualization tools for analysis and trending.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-dollar-sign[/card_icon]Highly valuable for[/card_top]
  • Quality Control Labs, Developmental Studies, and Manufacture Batch Records.
  • Save money and improve productivity throughout your business process.
  • Optimized to increase review efficiency by at least 30% over a typical hardbound notebook review process.
[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]far fa-window-restore[/card_icon]Friendly User Interface[/card_top] SciCord ELN builds on a scientist’s previous spreadsheet expertise, reducing training time and increasing user acceptance.

Non-routine documentation is supported via tables, formulas, text-boxes, images, charts and generic attachments. Our software is easy to use and allows for sharing and finding of data, all in a paperless environment.

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[FA_icon]fas fa-check-square[FA_icon_style]color: #07bee5[/FA_icon_style][/FA_icon] Get more out of SciCord ELN Logbooks

[card_row] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-user-tag[card_icon_style]width: 40%; text-align: right;[/card_icon_style][/card_icon][card_icon]fas fa-file-invoice[card_icon_style]width: 20%; text-align: center;[/card_icon_style][/card_icon][card_icon]fas fa-box-open[card_icon_style]width: 40%; text-align: left;[/card_icon_style][/card_icon]Logbooks allow managers to effectively maintain items within a laboratory and link necessary data to them:[/card_top]
  • Maintain User details, Calibration information, and Maintenance records
  • Lets you track where the item was used or stored
  • Easy access to documents (experiments) the items were used in

Keeping a well maintained logbook provides Regulators (e.g. FDA or ISO auditors) with an exact view into the daily life of the laboratory and gives them confidence that the lab operates in accordance with regulations.

[/card] [card] [card_top][card_icon]fas fa-tools[/card_icon]Configurable ELN Logbook Templates[/card_top]
  • Some of our pre-built standard Templates are: Assets, Cleaning, Columns, Equipment, Manufacture, QA, Samples, Standards and Solutions, Training Curriculum and Record, and Weight Sets
  • All Templates are configurable and can be tailored to your business and standard operating procedures
  • Additional Templates can be easily added by your organization or developed to the SciCord team


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Multiple instruments or other equipment can be logged in the Equipment Logbook. Their complete calibration/check history can be recorded, along with other attributes (depending on the equipment type). Once the logbook is created, the equipment is linked to any other document that contains an experiment it was used in. The original logbook will generate a complete list of all instances where the equipment was utilized.The SciCord Training Solution is designed to complement the ELN, allowing auditors to verify training records in-line with experimentation or other work documented in the system. Training can even be used to grant or revoke users permission to perform tasks.
Samples can be created within the ELN or imported from an external program. Attributes are stored with the sample and can be edited, depending on user permissions. Additionally, inventory changes from adding/removing material are recorded.Work requests can be assigned to users to schedule tasks for each sample. All work requests can be viewed in a calendar to get an overview of a user's tasks.Documents are linked together by an index document, and can be retrieved at any time. Multiple versions and reviewers are supported, allowing the document to change as needed while remaining fully verified.
Chemicals are indexed in the Chemical inventory template, allowing important information about each unit to be stored and referenced in other documents.ELN samples can be used to print a label for the physical sample, which can be scanned to retrieve its ELN record.

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If you’re interested in how SciCord ELN and LIMS can be used in your laboratory, we want to be able to provide you with a demo that could help you in making a decision. Please complete the form below and we will respond promptly.