SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its Cloud-based Laboratory Document Management tool.

With the SciCord R1.2.5.1 update, we’ve taken steps to enhance the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of the product. This release represents our continued commitment to improve the experiences of those who use SciCord technologies.


Document Management

SciCord now supports incorporation of Electronic Signatures within PDF documents.  This means pdf documents attached to the notebook can be signed by authors, reviewers and approvers as mandated by your documentation procedures.  Manage your methods, specifications, protocols and any other lab related documentation within your ELN.

Instrument Interface

SciCord has enhanced instrument interface compatibility with a wider range of instruments, including older models of Sartorius balances.  Instruments which generate results in real time such as balances and pH meters are supported natively with a simple connection to your network.


The review process provided by SciCord leads the industry, saving reviewers time and boosting compliance.  SciCord’s R1.2.5.1 release adds additional review alerts notifying reviewers of potential expiry issues with solutions, standards, or instrumentation.

Sample Management

SciCord continues to enhance sample management capabilities.

Sample inventory and work requests are now independent from sample status.  Updates to sample inventory and requests for testing (Work Requests) are now possible as soon as a sample is received until the sample is closed.  Sample Inventory also enhanced to support decimal amounts.

Additional granularity has been added to sample attributes to differentiate between mandatory and editable attributes.  It is now possible to define an attribute as mandatory but allow edits in case the value changes.

User Experience

Enhancements to the “New Document” dialogue, provide a bigger working area and new capabilities like the possibility to dynamically filter the Templates list.
Users will now be able to manipulate the order of Document worksheets to improve the flow and readability of the notebook.
Direct support for symbols inserted into cells is now available on the toolbar.
Resource references (instruments, solutions, standards, methods…) are now supported by the clipboard for easy replication of a resource across notebooks or worksheets.
Resource references now include documents which allows users to easily record a reference to work done in another notebook.
Automatically progress the Sample Status from Review Assigned to Available when closing review sessions.


Administrators can get email alerts whenever user accounts are locked out.
Granularity added to Permissions allowing specificity regarding unlocking users or file deletion.

As is the case for all GA releases R1.2.5.1 has a complete supporting documentation package and is suitable for GxP environments. R1.2.5.1 is backward compatible with all previous 1.x releases.