SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its Cloud-based Laboratory Document Management tool, which comprises both ELN and LIMS functionality. With the SciCord R1.3.3 update, we’ve taken steps to improve the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of the product. This release represents our continued commitment to improve the experiences of those who use SciCord technologies.


SciChrom Viewer

  • An application used to visualize Chromatography data that is accessible to users in the SciCord ELN without the need for additional Chromatography system licenses.
  • Lab personnel maintains control as the work is being outsourced
  • Visualize chromatograms generated at CROs

SciCord Installer Script

  • Installation no longer relies on Internet Explorer
  • Automatically references the 64-bit version of Silverlight making it simpler for the user to install
  • Allows an administrator to easily install the application via command line utility

Work Request Management

  • Work Requests view allows Lab Managers to monitor the work load of a lab and on an individual basis
  • Support CRO invoicing and contract administration

Document Editor Improvements

  • Unrestricted worksheets in the Document Editor allow for Users to add flexible, unrestricted worksheets to the workbook without the overhead of fully traceable changes.
  • “Warning” Review Markers – indicates cells that have an associated review alert and/or have been revised.
  • Import worksheets functionality keeps the worksheet named ranges
  • Sample labels can be printed from the Aliquots subpanel
  • Inserting Pictures using DataFiles

As is the case for all GA releases, R1.3.3 has a complete supporting documentation package and is suitable for GxP environments. R1.3.3 is backward compatible with all previous 1.x releases. If you are interested in SciCord and would like to learn more about the SciCord product, visit our website at, or view our company page on LinkedIn!