SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its Cloud-based Laboratory Document Management tool, which comprises both ELN and LIMS functionality. With the SciCord R1.5 (Helium) update, we’ve taken steps to improve the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of the product. This release represents our continued commitment to improve the experiences of those who use SciCord technologies.


Upgraded our Smart Client to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

  • Increased application stability and performance; e.g the smart client application can now allocate more memory to better handle intensive tasks.
  • Expanded library catalog – e.g. ability to introduce drawing of chemical structures
  • Easier installation for user

Results Specification

  • The introduction of Specifications, which may be versioned, enables sets of rules to be created, and applied to samples for efficient review of sample results.
  • Specification View allows quick creation, editing, and assigning of sample(s).
  • Specifications may be applied to Samples directly from the Samples View

Data Files Management

  • Support for updated SciPrinter (R1.5)
    • SciPrinter is a tool that provides Total Control of Validated Data. The tool is implemented as a printer driver, collecting data from instruments directly to SciCord ELN. Direct capture assures compliance avoiding local storage and potential for tampering.

SciChrom Viewer

  • Functionality updated to improve user experience: warning messages are displayed in a dedicated column in the injections table; warning displayed when Chromatogram is not available for a certain injection/channel; and improved capability with 3D spectra injections.
  • Improved zoom functionality within SciChrom Viewer

Inventory Requests

  • Inventory Requests Schedule is visible through a Calendar View
  • Inventory Requests may include a ‘time-window’ instead of a specified date

General Improvements

  • Resource sub-categories: list and filter resources by sub-category, in addition to the current category field. Provides user with greater granularity when characterizing resources.
  • Inventory Request Navigation View: view requests, open the sample inventory, open for edit or read-only sample, print labels, open the Inventory Schedule directly from the view.
  • Sample Inventory Transfers for non-compatible units: allows for manual conversion rates when transferring non-compatible units between samples
  • Improved WordMerge-based reporting tool to included enhanced functionality and greater customization, such as the support for nested tables.

As is the case for all GA releases, R1.5 has a complete supporting documentation package and is suitable for GxP environments.

R1.5 (Helium) is backward compatible with all previous 1.x releases.

If you are interested in SciCord and would like to learn more about the SciCord product, visit our website at, or view our company page on LinkedIn!