Cary, NC – July 11th, 2018 – SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its Cloud-based Laboratory Document Management tool.

With the SciCord R1.3.2 we’ve taken steps to enhance the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of our product. This release represents our continued commitment to improve the experiences of those who use SciCord technologies.


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Over 300 enhancements and bug fixes over the previous major version. About one third of these have already been backported to previous minor versions (up until 1.2.5 x).

SciCord Portal

Improved accessibility and added information

SciCord Portal was completely redesigned to also be usable on mobile devices, including tablets and phones. This redesign also allows Users to access any resource, in read-only mode, directly from SciCord Portal without the need of SciCord Client.

Claims Access Control System

In addition to the classic “static” roles – permissions matrix access control – administrators can set up dynamic claims-based security checks across the entire SciCord system. The SciCord ELN can be configured, for instance, to restrict access depending on user’s training or any other custom business rule.

Improved SciCord Bundler

The Bundles generated in the SciCord Portal now include XML file format for both the Samples and Documents bundles. This will make it easier for external systems or applications to read the bundle’s content and, at the same time, will enhance the long-term archiving capabilities.

SciCord Client Enhancements

SciCord Client robustness and stability has been improved, with general performance enhancements and resource usage optimization. Many areas of the user interface have been redesigned to offer a more user-friendly experience, like the introduction of the in-application file preview.

More flexible review workflows

Document review sessions now allow multiple reviewers to be added to the Document Review. Users are now allowed to review documents that they created, however, depending on the system configuration, attempting to review one of their own changes (i.e. self-reviewing) will either trigger a trackable warning or be forbidden.

Sample review sessions have been improved as well, mainly with the introduction of review “check” marks and the ability to set Samples to “Available” upon completion of review.

Document Editor

It is now possible to import external workbooks (from local filesystem or DataFiles), reorder worksheets, and insert configurable special symbols. The embedded file previewer allows for inline Images (most commons formats are supported), PDF, Word, Excel, and Text files to be visible.

In order to facilitate audits and inspections, “Document Changes” marks are introduced to see all changes applied to a Document regardless of their review status. There is also now native support for PDF electronic signatures.

Support Additional Instruments

Hydrogen introduces native support for balances equipped with the MT-SICS interface and, at the same time, supports a wider number of Balance models and improves support for data collection using generic instruments.

Additional Enhancements

Messaging system has been streamlined and made less intrusive.

Navigation system has been improved thanks to features like contextual dynamic filtering.

Documents can now be cloned with some restrictions to ensure compliance and data consistency in regulated environments.

Sample Management

Enhancements have been made to Sample Management in both the SciCord Portal and Client. SciCord Portal now supports complete Samples data-related visualization (including inventory and work requests) in read-only mode.

Custom Sample Attributes length limitation has been removed.

Sample administrative functionalities have been improved with extended support of Sample Type import/export capability and introduction of the Sample Bundles generation.


SciMart exposes dynamic, customer-specific database tables, which can be customized and optimized according to the user’s needs – without any changes required to the Core application or Templates. Produced data can then be consumed by any generic visualization tool, third data application or external interfaces.

As is the case for all GA releases R1.3.2 has a complete supporting documentation package and is suitable for GxP environments. R1.3.2 is backward compatible with all previous 1.x releases.


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