SciCord is proud to announce a new release of its cloud-based Laboratory Management tool.

With the SciCord R2.1 (Beryllium) update, we’ve taken steps to improve the functionality, compliance, and ease-of-use of the product. This release represents our continued commitment to improve the experiences of those who use SciCord technologies.


SciCord Portal UI Overhaul

  • Updated for more modern look & feel. New Layout has been optimized for multiple platforms: computer web-browser, tablets and mobile phones
  • Reviewed the UI with the goal or making it simpler to use and more intuitive
  • Enhanced sample management, work requests, document management and locations management

Inventory management Updates

  • Built-in scheduling system that will be used to manage and schedule recurring activities
  • Content placements can be tracked accordingly top containers layout, e.g. a specific well in a plate
  • Added support for witnessing and review of inventory events
  • SciCord Client allows for viewing and editing Samples and Resource Inventory using a spreadsheet view

General Improvements

  • Support of Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Improved Calendar and scheduling functionality
  • Improved search functionality, with the addition of full text indexing
  • Enhanced reporting features
  • Many “quality of life” improvements have been added to the Document Editor, including the introduction of in internal “Stopwatch”, support for Drag-and-Drop of file attachment
  • Support for attachments and DataFile up to 2Gb

As is the case for all GA releases, R2.1 has a complete supporting documentation package and is suitable for GxP environments.

SciCord R2.1 Beryllium is backward compatible with all previous 2.x releases.

If you are interested in SciCord and would like to learn more about the SciCord product, visit our website, or view our company page on LinkedIn!