Spreadsheets are often the best solution for scientists to document laboratory processes and generate data. As a result, if not validated and utilized in the appropriate manner, spreadsheets can quickly proliferate with a negative impact on data management and compliance .

SciCord supports your continued use of spreadsheets, adding life-cycle and compliance features to enhance security and control of your data.

  • SciCord implements a spreadsheet paradigm so you retain your familiar spreadsheet interface
  • Import existing spreadsheets into SciCord for complete version control and security
  • Imported spreadsheets are immediately ready for use and are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 including electronic signatures and audit trail
  • Spreadsheets can be enhanced with additional functionality unique to SciCord, such as sample management, resources, label printing, result extraction, etc.

Documents can progress through the system over time in several ways, depending on the level of accountability needed.
  • A document in SciCord is synonymous with notebook or experiment.
  • Each document is subject to a managed/controlled lifecycle.
  • The steps of the lifecycle are defined based on the compliance required for the document content.

  • SciCord ELN/LIMS is designed for laboratory and manufacture compliance. Improve your compliance using locked validated formulas to eliminate calculation errors.
  • Defined lists to assure adherence to SOPs.
  • Automatic entry verification to flag potential Out-Of-Specification situations.
  • Restrictions to avoid use of expired solutions or assure use of equipment by trained individuals.
  • Intelligent scans alert reviewers of potential issues with precision, unstable balance, uncalibrated equipment, un-validated process.
  • Fully compliant with CFR 21 Part11 including electronic signatures and audit trails.

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