Resources are an important concept in SciCord ELN and can be generated for Equipment, Chemicals, Documents, Methods, Solutions or Standards, or even Training items.

A resource is defined once in a source document.  The definition of the resource which may include the Type of resource, Description, Expiration or Calibration Due Date, Maintenance records, Interface Connection, Daily Check Events, and other pertinent details.

Whenever the resource is used, a reference is recorded in the experimental record creating a link between Use and Definition.

Resource usage can be referenced within individual experiments, or documents, and create ‘links’ between the resource definition and point of use.  The links create a ‘web’ of notebooks visually displaying the usage of a resource.

Benefits include:

  • Single point of truth for Equipment, Chemicals, and other resources to avoid duplication and a potential source of error.
  • Quick, error free documentation of resource usage.
  • Usage report details every instance where the resource is used.
  • Links provide one click access for Reviewers to facilitate reviews.
  • Restrictions on expired or out of calibration resources avoid compliance issues
Equipment resources such as balances and pH meters can define the interface protocol, supporting communication between the instrument and ELN.  Interfaced instruments record values directly into the notebook and avoid transcription errors. A complete “source” is included for each recorded instrument measurement.

Use of expired chemicals, standards, reagents, or solutions is restricted.

A warning message notifies users if an attempt is made to use out of calibration equipment or instruments.

A usage report, available for all resources, identifies all resource usage in the event a problem with a resource is identified.